The jewelry line cvh-studio by German designer Claudia von Hansemann is the outcome of a collaborative process that bridges contemporary European design and traditional Indian craftsmanship.

After studying precious metal fabrication and completing her masters in Industry and Product Design in Germany, Claudia von Hansemann gained over 15 year of professional experience in Europe as a design manager with internationally re- nowned and distinguished design houses such as Vitra, Rolf Benz and Louis Vuitton. There she honed her skills of design- ing and executing luxury products with exacting quality standards.

Claudia von Hansemann spent the past decade in India, which she calls her home. As a design and production advisor she was working with many NGOs in the craft sector of rural India on behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. This intensive experience reaffirmed her belief that design can no longer be practiced as simply the production of marketable objects without considering their extended social influences. Through her collaboration with artisan groups all over India principles of sustainability and ethics became an integral part of her design approach.

Inspired from the diverse craftsmanship found across rural India, cvh-studio’s designs covert these traditional techniques in innovative ways into contemporary design. The balance of richness and simplicity in each of the handcrafted pieces reflects the fusion of an eastern and western design sensibility, which results in precious fashion jewelry that speaks a global language. cvh-studio is internationally well received from Paris, Berlin, Zurich to New Delhi and Mumbai.

Claudia von Hansemann’s knowledge of materials and methods combined with local artistry result in a unique signature style that is both sophisticated and straightforward. The playful and unexpected combination of contrasting materials such as hard metals and soft silks, rustic stones and elegant Swarovski pearls creates her unique look.