Beyond Bombay as the collaboration between sisters-in-law Ashley and Tejal Kadakia to bring unique goods from India to the American consumer.

With an extensive background in international luxury sales, Ashley has a deep understanding and great appreciation for good quality and design.  After she married her husband Rahul in September 2011 she began visiting India each year, and, alongside her new Indian family, also developed a learning of Indian designs and customs.  Ashley has spent years coveting all the beautiful textiles India has to offer, and her friends and family have spent years yearning for the pieces she returns with.  Understanding that not everyone has the opportunity to travel to India, she partnered with her sister-in-law to create Beyond Bombay and make these items accessible to the US market at reasonable prices.

Born and raised in Bombay, India, Tejal Kadakia has a deep rooted sense of Indian history and tradition.  She knows every corner of Bombay and travels India extensively sourcing new products and designs for Beyond Bombay.  Having done business in India for over 20 years, Tejal seamlessly runs the Indian operation and exports to the U.S.

With limited operating costs - no brick and mortar stores, mostly amateur photography and a small team - Ashley and Tejal are able to bring the beauty of India to you at unbeatable prices.